During my eight years on the City Council we have chosen to focus heavily on improving our City's aging infrastructure.

While infrastructure is not an issue to which some residents give a high priority, it truly is a critical public safety obligation for any responsible elected official- providing safe streets, quality water and water treatment ensure the health and safety of every resident.

In addition, quality infrastructure and visual "curb appeal" attracts economic growth, encourages new residents and supports tourism that in turn drives the success of our City.

As a City that is 130 years old, much of our infrastructure, streets, sidewalks, water delivery and water treatment systems had been neglected or not seen as a critical priority in the past. This was truly unfortunate and current residents were paying the price for this neglect.

While I have been serving on the City Council, every effort has been made by myself and my colleagues to ensure that this shortsightedness was corrected even when tough political decisions had to be made.

Our efforts include:

-The City's street rehabilitation program has been extremely successful and when completed in 2020 will result in over 70% of all the streets in Redlands being repaved.
Likewise, a monetary stream supported by residents provides available funds each year to maintain these repaved streets. This is something the City has never had in the past.

-The average age of the pipelines supporting the City's water delivery system is 70 years! As a result of the lack of a regular replacement program these pipes frequently break.

Once again with the financial support of the residents we have and will continue a funding stream allowing for the replacement of aging pipelines. As a matter of fact, since 2007 some 60 miles of pipe has already been replaced and it is projected that by 2025 over 150 miles will have been replaced.

-The City's system of water reservoirs were literally collapsing in on themselves due to years of neglect when I came to office.  Since 2010 every reservoir throughout Redlands has been fully rehabilitated and updated.

-Every City water well has also been rehabilitated and those that were non-functional were repaired and restored to full operation.

-Over half of the City damaged sidewalks have been repaired or replaced in the last fiscal year and the City Council has allocated funding to see that this program continues.

-Over 40 million dollars in grant funding obtained by our hard working City staff has gone directly into these and other infrastructure repairs and improvements.

In the future we will need to support the expansion and updating of our City's water treatment facility to accommodate the business and residential growth that we will surely see as we move toward build-out in 2035.

In order to "Protect The Promise" that is Redlands, I remain committed to seeing that quality infrastructure remains a key priority of the City Council, thereby ensuring that future generations of Redlanders are not faced with correcting the infrastructure shortcomings of the past.