Tabetha Wittenmyer

I  met Paul Foster when I was employed as volunteer coordinator for the  City of Redlands in 2010. At the time, Paul was new to the council and  the City was facing tough times. His leadership skills and management  expertise helped guide the City through rough waters. In the 8 years he has been on the council, our City has thrived, our downtown has been revived and one small businesses after another is  either opening or expanding in our highly desirable gem of a City.  Even though we still faces challenges, they are not unlike the  challenges other towns with similar demographics are facing. Paul and the rest of our distinguished council and City staff work daily on  proactive solutions that set us apart from the rest. The best news, is  that through Paul's leadership as Mayor, we are fiscally sound with  rainy day funds in case we should face another economic downturn. Paul  could have easily hang up his Civic duty hat this year, as he has done  plenty for our community through selfless service- enough to last many  lifetimes. Yet he cares about Redlands and making sure our newer council  members are mentored and supplied with the skills and wisdom they need  to keep us headed in a positive direction. I am proud to say Paul has my  my support in this endeavor. I trust him explicitly as a friend, a  colleague and neighbor. Thank you for protecting the promise that is  Redlands Paul! 

Marissa Kramer, Chamber of Commerce President-Elect


It is my great  honor to endorse Mayor Paul Foster for re-election to the City of  Redlands City Council. My most recent and favorite encounter with Mayor  Foster was hearing him present to the Chamber of  Commerce’s Young Professional Network during the “Coffee with the  Mayor” event. Mayor Foster gave an in-depth account of every aspect with  which City Management and City Council is currently involved, and what  they foresee for the future of the City within  the General Plan. Mayor Foster was extremely candid and gracious during  his presentation, he accepted numerous questions from the attendees,  and answered everything honestly and transparently; even the difficult  questions! One of the major reasons that I have  no hesitation supporting and endorsing Mayor Foster is his financial  diligence with respect to the past and in comparison to where the City  is today. As City Management is concerned sometimes they have to make  unpopular decisions in order for the city to remain  working and viable. As the President Elect of the Chamber of Commerce, I  feel confident that Mayor Foster has the best interest of the City’s  Business Community in mind and will make responsible decisions on behalf  of the Business Owners and the Citizens of  Redlands alike.

Marissa Kramer 

General Manager, Ayres Hotel Redlands

Chief Frazier

 Mayor Foster's' proven commitment to public safety helps make Redlands a  safer place to live and work. His thoughtful and tested leadership is  exactly what is needed as Redlands continues to build on our rock-solid  foundations and leverage new opportunities!  Mayor Paul Foster is uniquely adept at weighing the costs and benefits associated with critical and complex municipal policy.  -Jeff L. Frazier, City of Redlands Fire Chief (Ret) 

Neal & Joyce Waner

Redlands has been fortunate to have many fine Mayors, we are especially blessed by the leadership and commitment of our current Mayor, Paul Foster.  We have been pleased to work with Paul on a variety of projects over the years, there is no other elected official who puts in the time, is as committed to our community, and learns all sides of an issue.  He is articulate when speaking, patient and caring when listening, and makes decisions putting the interests of our community first.  We are fortunate he is willing to run again.  Please join us in supporting Paul Foster.
-Neal and Joyce Waner

Barbara Bray

I have known Paul Foster for 17 years, and in all that time, I have been so impressed with his integrity, his vision for his community and his conscientious attention to seeing projects through. He is an exemplary person, and an amazing leader. 

I feel that Redlands is extraordinarily lucky to have a person of Paul Foster’s caliber looking out for us. He possesses the skills necessary to make smart, sometimes difficult decisions and he is very effective in his personal and working relationships. I feel comfortable and confident about Redlands’ future with Mr. Foster’s involvement in our city, and I thank him for his extensive contributions. -Barbara Bray

Carol Dyer

Paul has proven his concern for quality development of our community in the 8 years he worked with me on and chaired the Planning Commission. His sound reasoning on development has continued in his decisions on our City Council. His firm and fair input, which comes from his business pragmatism  and love of Redlands, balances the desires of developers with the best interests of the City. We benefit from a city leader with wisdom on the role of development in Redlands who has high expectations and the broad vision that reflects the community’s.The City is fortunate to have citizens who contribute so much to it like Paul has done and continues to be willing to do. 


Stan & Ellen Weisser

Reasons Why We are Supporting Paul Foster for City Council


  • Is an Extremely Knowledgeable Decision Maker
  • Is an Outstanding Leader
  • Has a Vision for the City, in Keeping with the Culture and Values We Treasure 
  • Wants to attract More New business
  • Is working Toward Making us a “Destination City”
  • Is Promoting the Rail through Redlands and Plans for the Mall
  • Is Maintaining and Rebuilding  Infrastructure
  • Is Fiscally Responsible 


Stan and Ellen Weisser

Carole Beswick

How fortunate we are as Redlanders to have the leadership and commitment of Paul Foster! His continued service on the Redlands City Council would assure that our voices will continue to be heard and respected. His commitment is deeply personal, yet objective. His decision-making  is based on collaboration and listening to many voices throughout our community. I fully support Paul’s candidacy.

-Carole Beswick, former Mayor, City of Redlands 

Judi & George Battey

We believe that Redlands is a unique town but the question is why. It's because of people like Paul Foster who embody the “Spirit of Redlands”.  Paul truly leads by example.  His record of community service is unparalleled.  My family was very fortunate to meet Paul when we first arrived in town as he served as the Scoutmaster for our son’s troop.  As a mom of a young boy I treasured positive role models and feel so fortunate that Mr. Foster played an important role in my son’s young life.  As a civil engineer, I admire his recognition and prioritization of the city’s neglected infrastructure.  The things that many citizens don’t see and take for granted need attention and Paul has provided necessary leadership while demonstrating fiscal responsibility. Redlands will continue to be a unique and desirable place to raise a family with Paul Foster on the City Council. 

Jon Harrison

The City of Redlands has benefited tremendously from the leadership and decision making skills that have been the hallmark of Paul’s 8 years on the city council. These talents, and his deep understanding of the development, financial and public safety concerns Redlands will be addressing in the coming years, will ensure continued progress for our city.

Paul has been at the forefront of the transformation of our downtown to a premiere destination for shopping, dining and entertainment in the Inland Empire. His continued efforts to advance downtown over the next four years are vital to the continued development and prosperity of our downtown.

Paul’s skills at working with all parties to reach common understanding and agreement, regardless of the issue, is unparalleled in my experience on the city council. What’s more, he brings the same level of effort  to solving any issue facing the city and resolving it in a manner that is beneficial to the community.

Working with Paul on the many quality of life projects over the past 8 years was a highlight of my tenure on the city council. Heritage Park, open space acquisition, public art and downtown improvements are but a few examples of the projects he championed that have made Redlands a better place to live and work.                                                                        

Ray Anderson

As Paul's neighbor and friend, I'm proud to support him for another term.  We need his experience and willingness to work collaboratively with the council and administration to improve Redlands and control costs as we move forward.

R. Lynn & Gary Whitmer

It has been both our pleasure and privilege to know Mayor Paul Foster for more than 17 years. We have worked along side him in various volunteer capacities and have come to know him well.  Paul is a man of integrity, balance, and intelligence and is an excellent steward of our community.  Above and beyond possessing a passion for Redlands, Paul Foster truly understands the complexities and intricacies of city government. He is a leader that knows how to work well with various constituencies to get the job done.  We support his commitment to continue to serve Redlands and are confident that his experience and steady hand are invaluable assets to our city council both today and into the future.  Simply put, Redlands is a better place for the work and leadership of Paul Foster.
Without hesitation, we recommend Mayor Paul Foster be re-elected to Redlands City Council in 2018.

R. Lynn and Gary Whitmer

Bob Botts

We are fortunate to have someone like Paul Foster who is willing to enter elected public life and serve the residents of Redlands. Having served as a Mayor and Council Member in another Community for 8 years I understand the challenges and triumphs of working with others to make a community a better place in which to live, work and play. Thank you Paul Foster for running for reelection. 

Shelli Stockon

Paul is one of the most forward-thinking, energetic city leaders I've ever worked with. He embraces and supports volunteers and their efforts to improve our community in ways I've never seen before and it shows in what's been accomplished. Paul's experience and tenacity make him the ideal City Council Member and Mayor, we need him.
- Shelli Stockton, Community Volunteer and Director of Alumni & Community Relations, University of Redlands

Richard & Sue Feenstra

Paul is a real "for the people" guy! No hidden agendas, not climbing a political ladder, no ego trips. Just a real guy that lives for his community and his constituents. He helped us when we wanted to open Redlands Rover Ranch work our way through the system. He is a rare man in politics and we urge you to take him up on his offer to continue to serve our City.
-Richard and Sue Feenstra
Owners, Redlands Rover Ranch